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About us

Hearts&Minds International Education Co., Ltdis an overseas education agency who provides educational servicesfor students interested in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.For New Zealand, we are ENZ recognised agencywhich is the agency with a proven record of success was recommended by a New Zealand partner institution. (ENZ or Education New Zealand is a crown entity and is the lead organisation marketing New Zealand’s education industry overseas.)

Brief History

Hearts&Minds International Education Co., Ltd has a long professional history in the education business. It was originally established under the name of Hearts&Minds International Student Services in 1999 in Auckland, New Zealand by Ms. Puttiporn Thompson, Education Manager, NZ Education Centre, NZ Embassy Bangkok from 1996-1998. Towards the end of the year 2002, Hearts&Minds EducationCo., Ltdwas materialized in Bangkok to assist Thai students and parents who are interested in studying in New Zealand. All along, the company only concentrated in NZ education. By the year 2014, the company became Hearts&Minds International Education Co., Ltd.We are now promoting education in NZ, Australia and the UK and assisting parents and students who seek for their best guidance about studying in these three countries.

What we believe

We believe that international students can succeed better if they have professional help and guidance. Theycan avoid much of the stress and worry which can come while seeking for a place to study overseas. We provide students with accurate, adequate, and suitable information and guidance which will enable them to make a right decision. We promote the achievement in three aspects of mental development i.e. intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, and moral quotient as we endeavour to see our students succeed academically as well as become mature morally.

What we do

Hearts&Minds International Education Co., Ltd has been sending and assisting many Thai students to study particularly in New Zealand. We provide free educational counseling for studying in NZ, Australia and the UK. On our students’ behalf, we apply for a study place and programme as well as an accommodation. We do visa application for our students and we can also reserve their tickets. Additionally, we are able to arrange study tour for individuals or for groups. We monitor our students’ progress especially our high school students and we are in regular contact with our students and parents.

Marketing strategies

We apply a number of marketing plans in recruiting new students. Social media is our number one channel. We actively promote what we do in our own website and Facebook page. The ‘word of mouth’ still plays a big role for us. We have been referred to by our students and parents for the service we do. We can do seminars for our partner schools. We also do school visits in Thailand and we participate in some of the education fairs especially New Zealand Education Fair.

Our 5 members of staff are all keen to work with educational institutions in NZ, Australia and the UK. We all have ourdedication to do our best for the Thai students. This is why our motto ‘we take students’ success to hearts’has a lotof meanings as it describes well of our company’s name and what we aim to do.

Company Profile
Registered Name : Hearts and Minds International Education Co.,Ltd.
Registration number : 0105557173233
Address : 252 Krungthonburi Road, Soi Sathorn Mansion 1, Klongtonsai, Klongsan, Bangkok 10600
Telephone Numbers : +66 (0) 2 055 0915
+66 (0) 81 581 5105
+66 (0) 96 884 8605
Facsimile : +66 (0) 2 055 0914
Email : office@heartsandminds-edu.com
Website : www.heartsandminds-edu.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/heartsandmindseducation/
Established : 1999 and 2002 and 2014
Field of Operations : Overseas Education Agency
Area of Operation : New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom
Total Number of Staff : 5 full-time members of staff
Services Provided : - Free Counselling
- Study Application
- Accommodation Arrangement
- Visa Application
- Air Ticket Reservation
- Study Tour
- Seminar,Education presentation
Educational Levels of Student Recruitment : - English Language Program
- Secondary education
- Vocational programmes
- University placement
Marketing Plan & Promotional work : - Social media through Facebook and Line
- Website
- Word of mouth
- Seminar
Service Charge : Absolutely free of charge to prospective students
Motto : “We take students’ success to hearts”
Award : “The Excellence in Student Support Award” By Education New Zealand, 2012

Brief Description of Relevant Personnel
Name :
Position :
Educational Qualification :

Work Experience :
Ms. SirintornDuangkhot
- Graduate Diploma in English, New Zealand
- Bachelor of Social Work, Thammasat University, Thailand
- Master of Arts (English), Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
- Personal Assistant to Defense Attache, New Zealand Embassy (1999-2002)
- Reporter, Manager Newspaper (1992-1995)
Name :
Position :
Educational Qualification :

Work Experience :
Mr. AnusornPhangruk
- New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6)
- Master of Business Administration (M.B.A), Ramkamhaeng University, Thailand
- Bachelor of Art (English Program), SuanDusitRajabhat University, Thailand
- Marketing Assistant for South East Asia, EDENZ Colleges, Auckland, New Zealand (2014-2016)
- Assistant to Managing Director, The 6th Element Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand (2008-2011)
Name :
Position :
Educational Qualification :

Work Experience :
Ms. PanthipKiatpattanachai
- Certificate in English language, New Zealand
- Bachelor of Commerce and Accountancy, Thammasat University, Thailand
- Audit Assistant, EY Company Limited., Bangkok, Thailand (2012 - 2015)
Name :
Position :
Educational Qualification :
Ms. SorachaBoonmee
- Bachelor of Arts Program in English, KMITL, Thailand
Name :
Position :
Educational Qualification :
Work Experience :
Ms. AtitayaPoosawat
Administration and Human Resources
- Bachelor of Business Administration, Siam Technology College, Thailand
- Sales Executive for Neo Residence Management Co., Ltd., Bangkok Thailand (2012-2015)

Hearts & Minds International Education Co., Ltd.
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ที่อยู่ :
252 ถนนกรุงธนบุรี ซอยสาทรแมนชั่น 1
แขวงคลองต้นไทร เขตคลองสาน
กรุงเทพมหานคร 10600

Address :
252 Krungthonburi Road,
Soi Sathorn Mansion 1,
Klongtonsai, Klongsan,
Bangkok 10600
เวลาทำการ :
09:00 - 17:00 น. (จันทร์-ศุกร์)
Working Hours :
09:00 - 17:00 (Mon-Fri)

Tel : +66 (0) 2 055 0915
Mobile : +66 (0) 96 884 8605, +66 (0) 81 581 5105
Fax : +66 (0) 2 055 0914
Email : office@heartsandminds-edu.com
Facebook : heartsandmindseducation
LINE ID : @heartsandminds
Skype : heartsandmindsedu หรือ Sirintorn.d